Committed To Being Your Partner In Safety

Committed To Being Your Partner In Safety

National Safety Month is observed every June by the National Safety Council and its member organizations. The national event draws attention to the ways in which companies and individuals can avoid leading causes of injury or death in their workplaces, on the highways, and in their homes and communities.


ADSupplies is a big fan of this gathering. We have been specializing in supplying our customers with individualized security solutions, such as up-to-date safety and compliance training,  and a  catalog of tens of thousands of Personal Protection Equipment items. 


Falls are one of the most common causes of severe work-related injuries and deaths according to the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA). This is particularly true in the construction industry, where falls are the number one cause of death and, comparatively, fall safety is the OSHA policy violation most frequently cited.


There are two very important OSHA standards in the construction industry that relate to fall safety. The first is Standard 1926.501, which allows all its workers to have fall protection from businesses. The second is equally critical in terms of employee safety. Standard 1926.503 needs employers to provide instruction for every employee who may encounter dropping hazards.


ADSupplies offer a variety of flexible on-site protection services to help our customers mitigate fall hazards for their workers and stay in accordance with the above-mentioned federal occupational safety requirements. Thee include training that meets OSHA standards on the proper use of fall protection, fall inspection, and how to identify fall hazards, workplace safety evaluations and selling technology to provide the required workplace safety supplies.


ADSupplies is committed to keeping employees safe and healthy in the intermountain West, and to supply companies with the services they need to comply with today’s safety requirements. To learn more about our safety services, please contact our Safety Specialist, Pat Frio, at (888) 606-3786 or


  • Feb 05, 2020
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