2 Drum Modular Platform Unit - Yellow w/ Black Grate - Drum Accessories

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The Eagle 2 Drum Modular Platform is constructed of durable (yellow) high density polyethylene (HDPE) for excellent chemical resistance. This platform includes Eagle's patented removable (black) HDPE grating for easy cleaning and features a low profile. Also compatible with Eagle's Poly Pallet Ramp (model 1689) for easy loading and unloading. The design allows for multiple configurations and adds flexibility to your spill protection when used in conjunction with our Eagle's 1 drum (model 1633) and 4 drum (model 1634) modular platforms. Platforms can be easily connected with built-in U Channels.

Yellow w/ Black Grate

Dimensions (in):
Length: 51.5, Width: 26.25, Height: 6.5